Bulk Battery Replacement

When your watch stops working, most likely, a dead battery is to blame. Our online mail-in watch battery replacement service makes it easy to get your watch back up and running in no time. Each watch will receive a fresh Swiss Renata Watch Battery, Rear Seal with Silicon, and a Water Simulation Test to make sure the watch seals up properly. In the rare chance that the battery replacement does not fix your watch, it is likely your movement that needs to be fixed or replaced. If any of your watches are under warranty, please provide a copy of your receipt so we can finalize the repair at no charge. Otherwise, we will set up a new ticket for the watch(es) that are in need of a repair and will email you a quote, where we will apply a credit for the battery purchased against the cost of the repair or new movement. You can either approve or deny at that time. Please note that return shipping will be included in that quote as your bulk battery shipment will be shipped separately.

Warning: Replacing your own watch battery or having an unauthorized repair facility could damage your watch and void your manufactures warranty. Let our team of Factory Authorized Certified Watchmakers & Technician quickly help you with all of your watch service needs.

Amount Saved:
Discount Price Tiers for Bulk Battery Replacements
Number of watches Percentage discount
1 watch 0% discount
2-4 watches 40% discount
5-10 watches 50% discount
11-20 watches 60% discount
21 or more 75% discount
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